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Your website and online presence are the face of your company. However, having a website is no guarantee that your potential customers will be able to find you and find you first. Microtalk has developed a 7 step program that will help your business get in the right track and transform those potential customers into actual customers.

Our prgram is orientated to business owners and people in management who are focused in running a succesful business rather than trying to learn coding and reviewing numbers and charts from Google. We believe sales speak louder than charts.

If you have not decided yet on aquiring one of our programs and would like to have a preliminary assesment of your business website and see what we can do for you, we have our Detailed Website Performance Review program for you designed for businesses still looking for the best partner.

Microtalk's 7 Step Program:

Step 1 - Website Audit

Understanding where you are in the internet right now is the first step towards improving your presence and reaching your goals. Do you know if your website is Mobile friendly? Do you know if Google can read your information or how many pages your website has? Do you really know what your website is really about? does it match what your company offers in reality? Is it safe for your customers?.

Most websites are made by companies who understand technology but not necessarily your business, or maybe that beautiful website you acquired years ago is not compatible with current best practices for online business. Find out where you are right now with our in-depth analysis targeted to fix what is important for your business.

Step 2 - Online Strategy (Optional)

Step 1 is where you are now, Step 2 is all about where you want to be and how to get you there. Search Engine Optimization is more than checking items on a list made by someoone who doesn't understand your business. We start by discussing with you about your business and goals, then we go for a realistic approach that works with your goals and your budget.

Each business is different, each region is different, each company have their own strenghts and opportunities, so treating every website the same accross the internet is just not good business for you. Don't break the bank to buy a temporal spot on the results page.

Step 3 - Content Review

When was the last time you read your website? When was the last time someone updated it with relevant information or products to purchase? We will review your website and suggest ideas based on what people are looking for in your industry.

Step 4 - Website Errors

Coding errors, pictures not loading properly, javascript errors, all of them can have negative effects on your ranking and can create an unpleasent experience for your customers.

Step 5 - Links, Broken Links and Backlinks

One of the most neglected aspects in a website that has been running for a while are links. Your content might have changed, pages dissapeared, other websites making reference to pages that don't exist anymore. We will help you generate a report and take the right steps so users reach the desired content and your ranking is not negatively affected by it.

Step 6 - Performance Optimization

Did you know the loading time of your website has a lot to do with your ranking in search engines? Don't let some oversized pictures and unnecessary resources slow your website and loose potential customers.

Step 7 - Continuous Improvement

Search engine optimization (SEO) is not something you can do once and forget about it, SEO is a way to keep your website relevant. Google and the rest want to show only the latest and most relevant information to users, so updating your content and adding product information constantly are a must to keep potential customers your way.

Analysis Chart Google Search Optimization

The Fine Print:

  • The purchase of this program is a contract between Microtalk and the buyer's website for the amount of time selected.
  • The purchase of the program will be reviewed before crafting the contract. Microtalk reserves the right to reject the contract and will provide full refund to the buyer.
  • This program is designed for small offices and small businesses. The maximum limit of work is 20 content pages (including home page) and 50 products for every 3 months of service.
  • Microtalk's work is limited to reports, stats, sugggestions and content written on text documents. When possible Microtalk can perform the actual coding and editing but at an agreed additional price.

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