Detailed Website Performance Analysis

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Have you still not decided yet on aquiring one of our programs and would like to have a preliminary assesment of your business website and see what we can do for you?, we have our Detailed Website Performance Analysis program for you. Designed for businesses still looking for the best partner and to get a better understanding of where your website is and the challenges and opportunities it faces.

Website Performance Analysis:

Detailed Website Review

Understanding where you are in the internet right now is the first step towards improving your presence and reaching your goals. Answer the important questions about your website and learn what can be done and what benefits for you that will bring. Get a basic idea of how long it will take to get you in the right track and you can expect from the work to be done once you move to the 7 Step full SEO program from Microtalk.

The Program includes the review and analysis of:

  • Home Page
  • 10 most visited pages
  • Contact / Estimate forms
  • List of most visited pages
  • Title and content review (10 pages)
  • Product Information (15 products)
  • Competition analysis
  • Keyword density
  • Keyword Suggestion
  • Hosting and performance
  • Sitemap
  • List of recommendations for improvement
  • Briefing Meeting (1 hr) and final review meeting (1 hr)
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The Fine Print:

  • The purchase of this program is a contract between Microtalk and the buyer's website for a one time review including a briefing meeting and a final report meeting.
  • The purchase of the program will be reviewed before crafting the contract. Microtalk reserves the right to reject the contract and will provide full refund to the buyer.
  • This program is designed for small offices and small businesses. The maximum limit of work is 11 content pages (including home page) and 15 products for this service.
  • Microtalk's work is limited to reports, stats, sugggestions and content written on text documents. Microtalk will not perform any coding and editing for this program.

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